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No matter what your granddad told you, it takes a whole lot more than love and elbow grease to get your car clean. Quality car care is all about technology. Geeky scientists in lab coats creating special polymers and patented chemistry

Voodoo Ride is the next generation of car care products specifically developed to get your car cleaner than you ever thought possible! Top to bottom, inside and out, from the tires to the dash, your car will never look better when you use Voodoo Ride products!


Voodoo Ride is an automotive appearance and lifestyle products company, founded in 2007, that was developed to look and perform differently than anything else on the market. To meet and exceed the expectations of the most discriminating motor enthusiasts, Voodoo Ride uses the latest technology, highest grade materials and the most sophisticated manufacturing process available in the industry.

What really separates Voodoo Ride from the competition is our product philosophy, which can be described as premium simplified car care. Our products are designed for ease of use by the consumer, eliminating multiple steps that yield spectacular results in far less time and effort.

With this core principal, Voodoo Ride has achieved rapid growth worldwide, and in early 2015 was acquired by GS27, the leading car care brand of France, with global distribution including Europe, Asia and South America. Together, GS27 and Voodoo Ride represent two of the most contemporary and innovated automotive appearance brands available to enthusiasts and consumers around world.


FP Automotive LTD trading as Voodoo Ride UK is part of the FP Automotive LTD Group, based in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Our flagship website, FunkyPower.Com, established in 2005, is one of the UK’s leading Japanese performance car parts suppliers, distributing the best parts from the most famous tuning manufacturers across the United States and Japan. In 2009, we took on the neighbouring unit and built the Planet Performance workshop, a fully equipped garage and bodyshop, specialising in performance & prestige vehicles.

Voodoo Ride UK was launched to lead by example and offer simple yet effective vehicle cleaning accessories and packages for all makes and manner of vehicles, on-site, and online. Being based in the Planet Performance facility is an added bonus as we have all the equipment we would ever need to cover every single aspect of cleaning and detailing sports and prestige cars.

We are proud to be the New UK distributors of Voodoo Ride.

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